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Instructor Certification

The Fit First Pilates instructor certification program

JCB Pilates 9094is the oldest and most established training/certification program in Marin, and will prepare you to become a confident, skillful, and well rounded Pilates instructor. This course will teach you the full repertoire of exercises inspired by Joseph H. Pilates plus, important innovations and modifications developed by Fit First Pilates Marin. Our program has a reputation for creating a warm and supportive learning environment. All courses are held at our spacious Corte Madera, California location, just 20 minutes from San Francisco and 30 minutes from the East Bay and Sonoma. All classes are taught by Fit First Pilates Master Trainers who are committed to helping you realize your full potential by becoming the best Pilates instructor you can be. Fit First Pilates Marin maintains a high level of educational standards and because of this our graduates are in high demand. The Fit First Pilates Certification program meets all guidelines established by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

Course Objectives
This self-paced hands on course requires a 10 hour per week commitment and includes an introduction to anatomy and kinesiology with emphasis on neutral spine and pelvic alignment and their relationship to core stability. Upon successful completion of course, students will be qualified to design, teach and modify beginner to intermediate level programs.

Training will concentrate on the following:


Applicants must have training in dance, fitness, health sciences or movement. Prior exposure to Pilates exercises, some training in functional anatomy and teaching experience to be explained on application form.

Certification Requirements
The complete self-paced course consists of study and knowledge of all written and reading materials, hands on trainings and the completion of personal sessions, observation hours, assistant teaching and apprenticeship (performed upon completion of course material). Students may take 6-12 months after completing course work to become fully certified. Certificates will be awarded upon completion of required hours, instructor approval and a passing score on the written and practical exam. These hours are to be completed no later than 6 months following the last course session and are as follows:

Course Hours
60 hours course work
10 hours directed study per week
50 hours personal sessions
50 hours observation
60 hours assistant teaching
100 hours apprenticeship
330 total hours

Personal Sessions

Mat and apparatus sessions you have taken yourself. Most of these
hours should be completed before starting the training program to become
familiar with Pilates.

Observation hours

Hours spent observing an experienced instructor in a class or one on
one. Students are encouraged to seek out different styles and teachers.

Assistant Teaching

Assisting an experienced instructor with a class or clients. Student is
Responsible for equipment set-up, verbal cueing and charting when
appropriate. Student does not have primary responsibility for client
assessment program design or modification.


Student has completed all coursework and is fully responsible for client
assessment, program design, implementation and modification if

*All exam material is cumulative and there is a 175.00 fee for the exam. *Exam must be taken within 6 months of last course completed.

Sessions will include a warm-up on the mat or reformer, a short lecture, instruction in the exercises, time to practice and question and answer.


Anatomy $350.00
Matwork $1000.00
Reformer $2100.00
Apparatus $1200.00
Full Course $4650.00

*cost with previous verified Matt certificate    $4100.00

* Fees do not include all materials

How to reserve your space

A 50% deposit is due with application to reserve space with payment in full due at first session. All cancellations must be made in writing no later than one week prior to first class at which time a 200.00 administration fee will be deducted from refund.

Please send your completed application and deposit payable to:

Fit First Pilates

Pilates Instructor Training

21 Tamal Vista Blvd. #162

Corte Madera, CA 94925