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Rehabilitation Track

Nothin’ but Knee If you’re like most Pilates studios and instructors…knees and working with knee injuries has become common place. This class uses the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Physio Balls and other small props to take the client from pre/post surgery to recovery and sports participation. A pre-ski conditioning program will be presented as well as a basic anatomy and physiology of the knee joint. Case studies focusing on common problems such as surgeries and developmental issues will also be discussed.

Head & Shoulders Because of the complicated nature of the shoulder and neck structures in the body, they are often the target of most of our client’s pain and complaints. Being able to relieve this pain, using Pilates as a tool, will make you a popular trainer. Using case studies, this class will focus on many of the most commonly seen issues. Basic anatomy and physiology of the neck and shoulders will be covered as well as exercises for both strength and conditioning and rehab.

Fun with Feet Many of the pain patterns our clients experience can often times be traced back to the feet, weight and balance issues as well as gait irregularities. This is an important class for anyone working with athletes and weekend warriors. We will examine the anatomy and physiology of the foot and model different types of walking and standing patterns. This is always a fun class and will have you evaluating everyone you see from now on.

Assessment By far the most important tool in any trainer’s tool box, assessment is the way to create a physical roadmap for you and your client critical for the proper design and implementation of a new program. This class will focus on assessment from the assessment forms, what should be included, observation, documentation, postural assessment and discussion of findings with the new client. We will also touch on some of the legal do’s and don’ts as well as scope of practice. We will end with each participant assessing at least one other participant in the class. This class always fills so sign up early.

Dr. Pilates You don’t have to be a PT or doctor to get referrals from them. This class looks at bridging the gap between the Pilates instructor…and the medical community. Medical referrals are a great source of income but they do take cultivation. In this class, you will learn specific techniques for marketing to medical professionals.