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Here is a list of Fit First Pilates class offerings and descriptions. Some of the courses are taught seasonally (please see class schedule for current classes).

Is the class you want not on the current schedule???

Bring a minimum of 3 people and we will teach the class just for you and your friends.

Pre-Ski Pilates ™ Do you suffer after your first ski weekend of the season…does it feel like every muscle in your body is screaming at you…Pre-Ski Pilates is for you! Hit the slopes and moguls like you never left. We will concentrate on building a strong core, improving balance and building a strong lower quadrant essential for a fun, healthy ski season.

Disco-lates ™ All your favorite moves to all your favorite music. This is a high energy class that can be enjoyed by all levels. Come get crazy as you tone the night away…

Muffin-Top Minimizer ™ Finding it tuff…to lose the muff…then this class is definitely for you. Think of it as a Pilates par course with fun props. This class is fast and furious and will melt the muffin!

Mommyilates ™ Mommyilates is Mom’s gone wild! This class is designed to melt away those muffin tops and unwanted pregnancy pounds. An effective combination of Pilates and Mommy Talk This weekly ongoing class is a studio favorite. Take back your core! Come see for yourself how fun a workout can be. All levels welcome.

Kettl-ates ™ Come find out the Russians secret to being tough…(and you thought it was Vodka) This crazy class is a fast paced class that combines Pilates with Kettlebell training. Don’t know what a Kettlebell is? More reason to come check this class out.

Equestrian Pilates™ A horse needs to be able to trust your communication and respond to your cues. This workshop will focus on building a stronger core, improving balance and flexibility, and better posture to help you deepen your seat. We will examine right and left side imbalances, how they affect the partnership between you and your horse, and give you techniques for improving your functional balance so important to riding. Participants will be given a home Pilates workout, and a Pilates workout to do at the barn.

Pilates For Golf™ What do Phil Mickelson, Annika Sorrenstam and Rocco Mediate have in common…they have all incorporated Pilates into their training regimen and now you can too! Learn how to exercise the muscles you use at each stage of your swing and follow through. Build stronger, more flexible bodies and the ability to focus the mind to control movements. Club head speed and accuracy increase, while pain and the risk of injury decrease. Participants will be given a pre and post game exercises that can be done anywhere.

Pregnancy Pilates

Happy Birthday to You Pilates Why not get your special day or evening off to a healthy fun start. Let us provide a brief introduction to Pilates and a full class for you and your birthday buddies. Drinks and special surprises will be provided to make this a birthday you won’t easily forget!! (4-6 people)

Pre & Post Surgery Studies appearing in JAMA (Journal of the American medical association) and Physician and Sports Medicine, report that recovery time is much less when a surgery candidate for muscle and joint related surgeries participates in a pre surgery strengthening program. Your Fit First Rehab Specialist will work together with you and your physician to create a program that will prepare you for your surgery and get you back in the action post-surgery.

Nutritional Consultation A healthy body requires a balance of exercise and good nutrition. You and your trainer will take a detailed look at your current dietary schedule and make suggestions for ways to improve nutrition to get the optimum results from your Pilates program. (Available upon request)

Home Plans Part of your session with a Fit First Pilates instructor will focus on what you can do at home to enhance your training. Exercises are given in manageable segments making them easy to assimilate into your everyday life.

Carry-on Gym – Pilates for Travelers ™ Traveling can really sabotage an established workout regimen but…it doesn’t have to. Learn how to turn the plane, hotel room even the convention floor into your own personal Pilates studio. We teach you how to use props, such as balls, bands and towels, easily packed or found in most hotels, to make the most of your travel workouts. Tips will be given on how to plan a healthy business trip or vacation. Taught in 3-5 sessions (available upon request)