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Getting Started

Are you new to Pilates?
The best and least expensive way to find out if  the Fit First Full Swing Pilates program is right for you, is to sign up for a one hour initial assessment offered at our Corte Madera location right off Hwy 101 just 20 minutes from San Francisco and 35 minutes from the East Bay and Sonoma. (see rates) During this first session you will:

003 - Alex Glover from St. Mellion Golf ClubAt the end of this session whether you choose to continue with us or not, you WILL walk away with a much better understanding of your body, current golf swing mechanics and enough information to help you decide if Full Swing Pilates is right for you.

If you decide to move forward with your Full Swing training, the information we gather during the initial assessment helps us create a physical road map for us to design a program that is custom to your swing, game and training goals.

We have trainers to fit everyone’s schedule and personality. We understand that a big part of starting a new program is the confidence and relationship you establish in the beginning with your trainer. Not all trainers are right for all clients. We encourage our new clients to try several trainers in the beginning to find just the right fit.

“Since I’ve done Pilates, I’m much better looking and 4 feet taller”.  “Seriously, I’m now so stretched out and have such great posture that I look and feel like a different person”. – Rich Beem, winner of the 2002 PGA Championship.

“After a week I was turned around, after two I felt like I’d never felt before.” “I’ve got more motion in my shoulders, midsection and legs. I can repeat my basic swing more often. Pilates is going to add five, six, seven…years to my career.” – Rocco Mediate PGA Tour Pro