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The Program

Fit First Pilates has launched ‘Full Swing Pilates’, a program specifically focused on improving your golf game.

2658278468_74faf5fab0_oYou must fix your body to fix your swing!

Golf is one of those sports that the more you practice…the more you realize how much more you need to practice. While the ‘greats’ make the game look effortless and at times poetic, it is indeed comforting if not a bit satisfying to know that even they can have really smelly days!

Pilates is a great way to improve your golf game and both disciplines share many of the same philosophies. Both are mind and body practices and require concentration, strength, flexibility and power.

During a golf swing, the workload put on the spine and supporting structures is immense. Consequently if the body is out of balance, the risk of injury intensifies. Many hours are spent working on improving the swing but in my experience, the problems are often the result of poor bio mechanics.

In golf…age isn’t a limitation. Experience isn’t a limitation. Equipment isn’t a limitation.

Pilates helps you:

Performance Benefits

A stronger and more stable core helps golfers:

Pilates exercise also incorporates core-extremity integration in multiple planes and configurations that allow for better control of the extremities. This control will help the golfer fine-tune the ability to direct the ball.

When a client signs up for this program, we will first look at what your pre and post game rituals are (or aren’t). We will then take a look at your actual swing mechanics and finally, you will be given exercises based on your specific needs.

Will Pilates guarantee you a spot on the PGA tour??? Maybe…but one thing is for sure, if you improve your core strength, alignment and balance, you will reduce the risk of injury and improve your game!