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Stacy Allegro

Stacy Allegro

Stacy Allegro, referred to by her clients as the “body whisperer”, inspires clients to exceed in whatever they ever thought possible. She is a nationally recognized Pilates master teacher, EMT and Certified by the American College of Sports medicine. A former martial arts champion, swimmer and volleyball player, she has applied over 20 years of experience, research and training in the fields of health, fitness and sports medicine to compliment and expand the original Pilates teachings and develop the Fit First System.®  She specializes in sports specific Pilates for Golf and Tennis, Lifestyle programming, Osteoporosis, pre and post operative conditioning and rehab and spine health as well as  FitPink®️, a program for Breast Cancer rehabilitation inspired by Annie Toglia. FitPink®️ was the first of it’s kind in Marin and is recognized by Breast Care Center/UCSF. Stacy continues to provide ongoing training programs to certify fitness and medical professionals in the Fit First Pilates method. She also lectures and offers seminars about the benefits of Pilates at universities and health care facilities around the world.

Sharman Maher


Sharman was fortunate enough to be exposed to the world of ballet from a very early age. Experiencing instructors from around the world she trained to a professional level at San Francisco and Pacific Ballet Schools. With her interest in movement and anatomy she pursued a license as a x-ray technician from U.C. Berkeley and a Medical Administration Certification from Empire College . Working in sports medicine and the orthopedic arenas have given her a deep understanding of the body.

Since Dance was in her soul, she taught ballet in Marin and Sonoma counties for 15 years while studying Pilates. With the overall similarities and benefits she decided the perfect recipe for fitness would be the combination of the love of teaching dance with Pilates. She became a certified Pilates Instructor through Pilates International on 5th Avenue in New York.

Sharman’s goal is to bring a strong mastery of dance, functional anatomy, biomechanics and Pilates exercise repertoire to all levels of fitness. She wishes to inspire and motivate students to discover healthier movement patterns and more freedom for all body types and fitness levels. This can be achieved by using the Pilates principles to seek a balance in training with a creative, positive and fun atmosphere.

Jackie Littman

Jackie Littman

Jackie was introduced to Pilates matwork in 2004, and equipment work in 2012. Her professional background is in Nursing, specifically working with Orthopedic Surgery patients. In addition to Pilates, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, hiking, golf, paddle boarding, and enjoying a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. Certified in the Pilates method by Fit First Pilates, Jackie has taken on a new passion of sharing her dedication to the practice with others. She strongly believes that Pilates has something for everyone, regardless of fitness level or age. Her personal philosophy is that Pilates builds strength, balance and confidence over ownership of one’s body and that we only have this one body and should take care of it with good nutrition, and being active.

 Jenna Jones

5paxrjhw8n5avvj7cehmaJenna received her Masters of Fine Arts in Dance, where she was the 2014 recipient of the E. L. Wiegand Foundation Dance Innovator Award for exceptional originality in performance and choreography. In addition to dancing professionally, she has taught dance classes in San Rafael for over ten years. She discovered Pilates after experiencing several injuries which were due in part to muscular imbalances. With Pilates, she quickly rehabilitated her injuries and learned valuable techniques to prevent them in the future. She holds a certificate from Total Barre Fitness, and is certified through STOTT Pilates®. Her clients include professional dancers as well as people with limited movement experience.She is excited to share her love for movement, health and Pilates and is committed to helping her clients realize all their fitness goals.

Katrina Charmatz – Visiting Instructor

KatrinaKatrina has always had a personal interest in body conditioning and raising the consciousness by awakening the body, mind and soul thru movement & breath. Katrina’s diverse and eclectic fitness training background includes yoga, cycling, swimming, dance & equestrian arts. Since 1995, She has studied intensively with yoga teachers in the schools of Anasura, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar and Ashtanga. Katrina has been a student of eastern philosophy at New York’s School of Practical Philosophy and Spirit Rock Meditation Center where the Upanishad, Buddhism and the Yoga Sutras were of particular interest. Katrina came to Pilates through the rehabilitation of a chronic condition and has maintained a pain-free lifestyle. She is a certified Pilates instructor thru Integrated Teacher Training San Francisco with Madeline Black. Ms. Charmatz continues to explore rehabilitation thru anatomical studies, kinesiology, mobility and stability applications as well as attending on-going Pilates Master trainings and seminars.

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