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I ran into an old boyfriend, after not seeing him for a year, and he couldn’t keep his hands off my body. He told me he thought I lost 20 lbs, and I looked better than I did when we dated 20 years ago. I knew right then that it was the Fit First Pilates workouts that made the big difference in my appearance.
Lynn Katz – Human Resources Director

I went to a spa last weekend and the masseuse put her hands on my back. She said: Oh, here’s someone who takes care of herself. I felt really great about my Fit First Pilates sessions. The progress is gradual, but the results are dramatic!
Beth Greer – Columnist SF Chronicle – Super Natural Mom

I have been doing Pilates at Fit First for 5 years now and have found it to be an intelligent, even meditative way to work out. Fit First has remedied my chronic back pain and I am able to exercise regularly and reap the benefits.
Claudia Six – PhD

I started doing Pilates with Fit First to help with my balance and core strength for riding. I experienced dramatic improvement on my horse plus, I started getting comments like, you look terrific-so fit!
Janet Byrum – Equestrian

I’ve been consistently going to a chiropractor and have always needed 3 or 4 adjustments 2-3 times a week. Since I started at Fit First Pilates, I’ve only needed one adjustment once a week. I notice muscles and tone in places now that I tried to work for years, and feel much stronger. My posture has really improved.
Emily Judd – Respiratory Therapist

After my hip replacement, my doctor said Pilates would be a great way to rehab and get back in shape. My Fit First trainer stayed in constant contact with my surgeon and my physical therapist. That kind of care was something I thought was a thing of the past. It has been 1 year and 2 months since my surgery and I am stronger now than I ever was before. I’ve even resumed my competitive ballroom-dancing something I thought would not be possible again. Thank you to all the Fit First staff!
Fiona Carabella – Ballroom Dance Instructor

Fit First Pilates strengthened my back so that I no longer have recurring, debilitating spasms. My goal was to be stable enough to take a dance class again. I’m up to 4 classes per week. Thank you Stacy!
Charis Santillie – President , CAS Design, Inc.

I am very pleased with the results I have achieved since starting to work out at Fit First Pilates. My shoulder bursitis is gone and I am now able to toss my carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment to the cheers of the other woman around, when I travel.
Oveda Rutledge – Antique Dealer

I went to Fit First Pilates shortly after back surgery to strengthen my core and back to the point where I could resume doing competitive triathlons and avoid injuring myself again. The results were immediate and impressive. I am stronger and more agile than I was before surgery.
Matt Rodgers – Software Product Manager

Fit First Pilates has changed my life. For most of my years I’ve been a non-exerciser. Now, I stand taller, feel better and look better. I thought initially the cost would keep me from continuing, but I would give up a lot of other things before I could walk away from Fit First.
Marilyn Nemzer – Trustee, Marin County Board Of Education

I’m a professional touring musician. After my shoulder was injured in a car accident, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep touring and performing without pain. Stacy Allegro and the staff at Fit First worked me hard, in a fun and relaxed environment. I am back on the road without shoulder pain, playing better than ever!
Mark Summer – Grammy Winning Cellist – Turtle Island Quartet

Before I started at Fit First Pilates I could barely lift a 5 gallon plant with 2 hands. Now, I can easily carry one in each hand. I have developed strength and flexibility that I didn’t know existed in my body, which has gone from flabby to rock hard. I love the results.
Karen Doty – Landscape Designer

At Fit First Pilates, the trainers are experienced and personable, the environment is fun and relaxing. Fit First has been a part of my routine for years and helps to keep me strong and flexible
Ann Kao – M.D., Cardiologist